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    Dakota Free Press. And judging from the blogroll, there are several local blogs that are going strong in a pretty red state.

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    That’s an important part of building a liberal media machine. Supporting existing efforts make it easier for others to get a start-training, audience building, funding. Also liberal ideas at least get some sort of hearing. But as an old lottery ad said, “You can’t win if you don’t play”, and so it is with media. Your ideas don’t get support without at least being heard.

    So why isn’t there a liberal equivalent to Fox? Perhaps its because no liberal billionaire wants to spend billions of partisan media that loses money. And let’s face it-partisan media is going to lose people from the other side who disagree with it. That’s the nature of partisan media. Secondly, too many liberals are fixed on the notion that if it isn’t Fox-level, it’s not worth doing. Small efforts are important-to reach places where glitz won’t work, and to bring the message out to people who otherwise wouldn’t get it at all.

    And it didn’t start with Fox on the right either. The right took over AM radio that was losing stations to FM back in the early 80’s due to FM’s better sound and reach. These stations were desperate for any programming. Rush Limbaugh and others took over the apparent void.

    Now there is a new frontier to take over. Am radio is dying, being taken over by ethnic stations or sports. Perhaps we could buy just a few even for repeaters? And the net makes it possible for someone to operate out of their house and for completely uninhibited programming. All that’s needed now is money for decent equipment and decent support people.

    EXs: Glen Beck lost his tv gig. Alex Jones never has really had much more than radio. Yet they operate apparently at a reasonable profit out of their basement. We need a million more basements. Who’s ready to go downstairs with me?

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