A Problem Solving Convention and Conversation

US Capitol Building at night Jan 2006

One thing that has been going through my mind throughout all of this is that we need a way to brainstorm reform. There are so many ideas floating around, but they need to be discussed, analyzed and enumerated. Not as a manifesto, but as an action plan that can be prioritized and strategized and ultimately be worked on.

Having definite plans and a list of demands that can be worked on with specifics would insure some progress and some persistence.

How to get there brainstorming:

1) A virtual convention of activists doing a Google hangout. Virtual conventions make it possible to far-flung activists to meet without great expense and (something that needs to be considered) potential harassment.

2) #BlackAgenda. Twitter-driven solicitation of ideas from non-activists as well.

Now you are wondering what can we do now?

First, everyone who is minority in some way should register to vote. One hundred percent registration even if people don’t actually vote would wake up politicians in a hurry. That’s something that can be done now-registration can be done up to so many days before an election. I’m already registered and vote in every election-even city elections. I

Secondly, educate yourself about the basic structure of American politics. You can’t reform unless you know who you need to talk to-or move to action.

As for me, I also am going to provide a flowchart of American Politics so that people understand some basics. We have neglected even basic civic education, so people don’t even know which level to deal with or when elections take place.