A Slideshow of The American Political Cycle

The off-year state and federal elections were meant to make these elections non-partisan. But such an approach doesn’t take into effect two things: the supposedly “non-partisan” elections get their candidates from partisan organizations, and instead of firing up interest in local elections, also make them low interest and low turnout.

Now the pendulum is starting to move back to making state and local elections coincide with federal elections. The reform saves money by eliminating the sheer number of low-turnout elections that hardly anyone votes in and the associated costs. Not to mention that giving time off from all normal politics would allow people a chance to chill out completely before re-engaging.

My reform would mean that the only political activity in odd-numbered year would be: intra-party (conventions, caucuses, organizational meetings) causes (think of a whole year available where causes would not have to share news cycles with votes) and pure civic stuff (voter registration, canvassing, and the like) and the rare Special Election.