Anyone can comment now. Those buttons below allow you to comment while using your social media now. You only have to register to use the forums. To find them, check out the Groups section first. There’s a forum for each group. Just find the one you are interested in and register as a user to access all of them (I’m assuming you can check out all of the forums and join all the groups)+

I’m working on that glossary now, so if you need the definition of a term used, just check the sidebar-it’s going to be massive once it’s done-that is, before it becomes a local wiki and then transforms into a collaborative project where other writers can add material here.

Correction: they are social sharing buttons-you can share on Facebook, et al. I will intall the right plugins tonight so that you can commment here….Thankfully there’s no real traffic yet to create a problem. But you can login on this site using your social media credentials…but for me to see and respond takes some work.