In one sense, astrology has benefited from the internet revolution. Blogging has freed many from the need to somehow appease media gatekeepers to get a snippet of time. And blogging allows us to get ample time to do long-form explanations of what we mean. It also has allowed more obscure branches of astrology a space, like Vedic or Evolutionary Astrology to be. There’s software that frees us from long sessions of calculations. There’s online ephemerides.

But there’s something missing: growth. Steven Forrest estimates that there are about 100 million Americans who believe in astrology and about $200 million is spent on astrological material. So why isn’t it growing more? I think it’s because we haven’t really embraced the technology like we should. I’ve seen a lot of astrological sites and blogs. Where’s the community? Where’s the podcast and other materials? Perhaps we have atomized ourselves too much. Maybe there’s too many blogs and not enough community. There’s no portal site that people think-“that’s the place for astrology” or an apparent way for novices to actually get into the astrological swing of things.

What should be done about this?