Not happy about the outcome at all, of course. #NotMyPresident until at least 2020. I’ll be less happy dealing with a pair of Geminis with their ever-changing proclamations, mood swings, personnel changes and the like.


It’s no accident that we have only had 2 Gemini Presidents. Daddy Bush served one term. While more focused than Cheeto, he was never really trusted because he was considered too flexible for a more ideological party, too intellectual, and too superficial at the same time. He lost the confidence of his party and lost in 1992. Kennedy was lost tragically, but he couldn’t get a lot of his initiatives through while he was living. It took Virgo LBJ with this methodical approach to deal-making to get things done.

This is not an impressive chart at all. We have a Saturn/Uranus/Jupiter T-Square, a weakly aspected Sun/Moon square, and a full 11th House (Legislature) rather than Executive (10th House)