Sleepy and sleepless at 12:33 am EDT-looking for writers as well-people who are long-term interested in astrology to be co-authors of this blog and perhaps even this site as well. If interested, please email me at carolduhart07 at Please add writer to your header so I know you are interested in writing. And if you have published elsewhere, also let me know as well.

While I write too-I’m interested in creating community-hopefully a stable one that likes to talk. I’ve been inspired by the Daily Kos, and for years I have hoped to create something similar to that-but never had the means to do so before.

After nearly 14 years, this seems to be the time to really launch as well.

  • There will be another forum, I swear. I still want one, for just those people who want to discuss things in further detail than can be done on a single thread like this one.