Green Things You Can Do With Post-Christmas

How to cut down on holiday waste now that the holiday is over? A few tips:


  1. Did you get a gift you didn’t want? Freecycle that item. Freecycle is an exchange where you can post online the things you are giving away, and someone who needs the item takes it from you. From a person who has done it for about 4 years, freecycling is the easiest, and often quickest, way to get rid of unwanted things. One man’s gift is another man’s treasure. And unlike regifting, that item won’t come back to haunt you later.
  2. Save that Xmas stuff-and do what I did this year, and purchase a few extra cards and bulbs from the Salvation Army, et all. You will be surprised at what you find with a little searching around-perhaps enough for next year maybe?
  3. Leftovers taste good with a little bit of seasoning and creative re-working. Turkey Soup, Ham and Beans, the last of the fruitcake are great ways of stretching a budget and extending the holiday a little.
  4. Some places recycle used Christmas trees for mulch.
  5. Christmas lights blown out? This is a perfect time to get those energy efficient LED strands. The price is coming down tremendously, and the energy savings is phenomenal. I have one strand already, and I plan to replace my incandescents the minute they burn out. I’ve found the colors wonderful, and the fact that they won’t catch fire easily also a plus.

About Carol Johnson Duhart (Aquariusmoon)

My first exposure to things that weren't all industrial was my father and his home garden. Back then, I thought it was so old-fashioned, but today I am amazed at what he did. I'm the one who has replaced incandescent bulbs with flourescent bulbs, use the recycling at the condo, buy used instead of new, and buy organic.
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