A Little Poll

A little poll about the Obama Library is today’s post. What are your ideas about it, and where do you think it should be?

Hawaii is warm, beautiful, and the location would be on the beach somewhere. But it’s inaccessible to the average citizen, being Hawaii. And land is at a premium there, which makes expansion complicated.

Chicago is cold, but accessible to anyone who can drive there. Land’s cheaper, so it can be larger and grow if needed. Plus such a project would re-invigorate a neighborhood in the same way that Clinton’s did for a riverside spot in p>Continue reading A Little Poll

Legacy and Library-The Freakout Begins

http://www.salon.com/2013/04/25/presidential_libraries_are_huge_failures/ (2013)


The next freakout on the schedule:

This month Obama is expected to make his decision on where he is going to put his Presidential Library. I fully expect a freak-out over just about everything about it: it’s cost, it’s location, what’s put in it, and even whether he deserves one.

Let’s not get into the fundraising aspects of it. And wherever it’s located will be criticized.Hawaii’s too brown, Chicago’s too ghetto.

But the real reason I think, for the freakout is that this will be a Presidential Library that not only won’t be a failure, but a p>Continue reading Legacy and Library-The Freakout Begins

The First Post

This blog is morphing before my eyes. At first I wanted just a place for music, but realized I wanted to do Obama Legacy Stuff. So I will do both, alternately. This can be both a haven for smooth jazz and watching while Obama plans his library and so forth..