Legacy and Library-The Freakout Begins

http://www.salon.com/2013/04/25/presidential_libraries_are_huge_failures/ (2013)


The next freakout on the schedule:

This month Obama is expected to make his decision on where he is going to put his Presidential Library. I fully expect a freak-out over just about everything about it: it’s cost, it’s location, what’s put in it, and even whether he deserves one.

Let’s not get into the fundraising aspects of it. And wherever it’s located will be criticized.Hawaii’s too brown, Chicago’s too ghetto.

But the real reason I think, for the freakout is that this will be a Presidential Library that not only won’t be a failure, but a resounding success. Who can resist going to the Presidential Library of the first African-American President? And Obama, leaving the Presidency at the age of 55, will be a presence there: inspiring, encouraging, renewing.

It may also be a community resource-a safe place to meet, organize and learn, especially for minorities. It will be well protected, lighted and heated. It will be a place where thinkers and scholars both study and learn about both Obama-and the places where he lived and developed.

Lastly, the freakout is that a Presidential Library means Obama cannot be erased by merely forgetting him. This is a brick and mortar legacy-and eventually, memorial. (Several Presidents have been buried on the grounds of their Presidential Libraries)

  • Way2GoSassy

    Glad to see anyone who is proud of his President and courageous enough to say so in a public forum. I have never seen so much disrespect for a sitting President as he has had to endure. There are some policy decisions he has made that I have not been 100% on board with but in this country you are not required to agree with everything any President has done. I for one will look forward to the opening of his library!

    • I do also look forward to the opening of his library. I think it will be an impressive one, as impressive as his legacy. Welcome, Way2GoSassy!
      Also check out my other home and inspiration: http;//www.theobamadiary.com! (Not my blog, of course, but Chipsticks is awesome!)

      • Way2GoSassy

        Hey! Thanks for the link. I checked it out and it looks promising. Looking forward to seeing more on your blog though. Are you going to do something for the SOTU?

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