The beautiful, haunting sounds of owls. Owl songs hint of magic and mystery and aloofness.

This is the cry of the Great Horned Owl.


Light of the Moon

Light of the Silvery Moon
Walk through the cool, silver night light of the Moon with me.


An Annual Rant

An Annual Rant.

I hate Daylight Savings Time. Messes with the mind and body for at least a few days. My suggestion is if we have to have it, I would set the days for June 21st (Beginning of Summer) and the first day of Fall (September 21st).Make it a true Summer Time (like the British do) when the weather is warm and truly sunny, instead of risking us having to get up, grumpily, when the weather is still cold and gray.

Does anyone think that saving light is really a justification anymore? Back when DST was made national (1967), most people went to bed around 10pm anyway: TV (and some AM radio) ended around midnight and started up again at 6am. There were few reasons to stay up much later, and most of those was work or sitting at a quiet bar drinking till it closed.

But now between the Internet, 24 hour media and LED lightbulbs, are the lights ever really off for us to save electricity anyway? Server farms are 24/7/365. The stock market reports from London and Japan and China while we sleep (or try to), and CNN reports from dumpster fires in Helsinki to fill dead air.

Soon there will be a day when we turn off our lights and powered devices for 1 hour worldwide. Fine, but wasn’t that what Daylight Savings Time supposed to do? Save energy?

In any case, a soothing video:


The Great White Noise

Not all sounds that people go to sleep or relax to are natural. There are those people who fall asleep to the sound of a refrigerator, fan, air conditioner or even some traffic. I remember going to sleep to the sounds of steady slow traffic. I lived for a while right on a very busy street, after being on a side street for several years. And during hot summer days pre-airconditioning the while of a fan was always close by.

The pheonomenon is “white noise”, and there’s something to it. The noise is usually flat, bland, with no beats or movements. The slow drone allows the mind to basically turn itself off and drift away.

YouTube has an example:

(Oscillating Fan)

A personal note: this has been the most rewarding and happiest time I’ve had as a blogger. I feel this work is not only healing for a lot of other people, but for me as well. There really seems to be no place like this anywhere (that I know of). Of course, if I’m wrong, please post the link to that place.
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A Rainy Day Mood: Organ and Harpsichord

The Harpsichord reminds me of a Summer Rainy Day when one looks out the window and sees a steady downpour.

A video:

Bach for 3 hours

Bach Organ Music


The Things You Will Find

Because this is a lounge, there will be music. Smooth Jazz, Jazz, World Music, even some Disco (My old college days during the age of Disco). I haven’t forgotten the days of platform shoes and college Friday night dances and my first major concert. The first video:


Sunrises and Sunsets

Isn’t YouTube Amazing? Ask and you will find-lots of nature in all its beautiful forms.

About the videos. All of the ones I have chosen so far are pretty long, and I haven’t had the time to view them in all their glory. But if you have viewed them in full, let me know in the comments what you think of them, and if you have any suggestions or recommendations for more videos.


The Soothing Qualities of Lights-Stars and Candles

Look At The Stars, Look at the Light…..

The Milky Way Over The Desert

I also remember when the Natural History Museum got a million dollar renovation for their planetarium and my class went there for a field trip. Looking up at the stars, feeling like I was drawn upwards into the galaxies, as if I was in a middle of a field out in the country looking upward, and feeling very sleepy. For one hour I could pretend I was flying in space and up in the stars. It was midnight and I could see the moon on the other side of the sky. There was a soothing, almost drone-like quality to the voice as it described the various celestial pheonomenon

Only twice since have I ever been in a position where I could just look upward and see the stars-even the faint ones just over the horizon. One was when I was visiting the site of a soon-to-be closed mental hospital in town where there were few street lights allowed. Another was when I was on a retreat and the retreat place was far out of town and except for a few lights in the buildings, it was dark.

Candles…enough said about the soft, flickering light. Hypnotic, a constant focal point for attention that made even the smallest meals seem romantic and exotic. Especially when eating when the power was off after a storm.


Calming Herbs and Their Effects on Sleep




Those are the two I’m most familiar with, and know actually work. There’s St John’s Wort and others that I am less familiar with. Both herbs create a mild relaxing effect on the mind and body, and are safe in small doses. However, make sure if you are on medication of any kind, check first for interactions before taking either.

Pot is also considered, in the Indica version, to be calming. But I’ve only smoked it once, decades ago and only got hungry, so I think it was the Sativa version instead.


The results seem to be mixed on this. While most report it helped, some commenters reported bounce back insomnia once they stopped smoking it. This article was written in 2015, so do more research before taking this articles advice. Of course, if you are in a state where it’s not legal, even if you use, you have a good reason that you really can’t sleep at night.


The Sounds of Nature (Birds)

The Sounds of Nature (Birds)

Ever wake up to the sound of singing birds, and felt immediately cheered by the sound? You Tube is like opening up a window on a cool summer morning, just before and just after sunrise, before the traffic ramps up. Perhaps this is a country house, but still, it’s before the tractors have revved up, before the cows have left the barn, before the sound of chores have broken the silence. To those mornings. These YouTube Videos are just a sample of what you could hear by just opening a window in the early morning.

These videos also bring back memories of before DST (Daylight Savings Time)in the summer, when you could first hear bird song at 4:45 am through the open screen windows (ore-air conditioning at home), and when 6am was full sunlight. We also used to have a back screen door (closed), while the heavy main door was open. The reason was to bring in cool night air, and to listen for the milkman deliver bottles of milk at the door. I could sometimes hear the rattle of bottles and the footsteps as he walked up the concrete back stairs.

These days? Background traffic sounds are louder, the trees further away, the need to keep windows closed for the air conditioning and to keep the heat out. Milk comes from the supermarket (unless you belong to a local dairy farm that delivers). 6am DST is too late for leisurely contemplation of bird songs, 10pm too late for evening bird song.

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