The Times Of Terror
7:59 am (All Times Eastern Daylight)
Boston (Flight 11 Takes Off
8:15 am
Flight 175 Takes Off from Boston
8:20 am
(Flight 77 Takes Off From Dulles
(Flight 93 Takes off From Newark)
8:46 am
(Flight 11 Crashes into the Tower)
9:03 am
(Flight 175 crashes into the Tower
(Flight 77 Crashes into the Pentagon)
10:03 am
(Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville

A clear September day in 2001 leads to unimaginable horror and sorrow-not only on the day itself, but by leading to a war that made no sense. What does Astrology have to say about it? First start with the sign itself. Virgo is the sign of young adulthood-of finding oneís place in the wider world through service. If that doesnít describe the hijackers to a tee, I donít know what does. These were young men who really never found that place-too educated to fit in with their former lives, but not able to fit in the new one very well. Which is what made them very vulnerable to a bin Ladenís talk about martyrdom. Martyrdom seems a strange concept when not dying for oneís own cause due to persecution, but when it involves killing unwilling participants.

My basic reading of this chart pretty much confirms conventional wisdom-the ruler of the 11th in the house of the Elevent-Leo aspecting Third House Mars (local effort). The Moon (emotions) in the Ninth may have provided some impetus, but not that much.

Jupiter in the Tenth squaring the Ascendant suggests that the operation iteself was more successful than planned, and probably better funded than needed-indeed there may be some financial assets left over from the attack.

BTW-If anyone actually was born at the time and place (city) of the attack, don't fret. Good aspects can be used for evil. But you can make a better choice as to what to do with this chart, even now at the age of 12-(written in July 2014)

The Fourth House of a chart indicates the "end of the story". Neptune retrograde indicates there are mysteries yet to solve here. In Aquarius and retrograde, the mysteries involve the foundations of the building and the true composition of the group involved. It's worth noting that none of the bodies belonging to the hijackers have been ever claimed, and without the claim the identities cannot be finally confirmed, nor the bodies buried.

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