The American Second House

What does America get, and how does American get it? Capricorn moneymaking has something to do with our stature in the world. The ruler in Libra hints at us being (and using) our ability to bring differing factions together, the ability to bring order to a chaotic world. That we make money off this order, of course, is simply an afterthought.

The picture is from a report to Congress in 1794 regarding the Treasury Department. Even then money was a great concern to the new United States. And it needed it too: setting up a new nation means paying for things that the previous mother country covered, like an army and foreign policy. Perhaps that's a cause of the obsessive need to take over everything as quickly as possible. Pluto (mass) sums of money were needed quickly.

America's need to organize and dominate through its resources has brought an end to a lot of wornout ideas regarding work,(guilds, manual labor that barely changed during centuries) international law (which was held together before through dynastic alliances) By killing the old hierarchies, both literally and figuratively, and creating room for more entreprenuerial forms of living

The Technical Stuff

Capricorn (ruler in Libra in the Tenth) Pluto 27 Capricorn is here

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