The American First House

Facing forward, a nation with Sagittarius rising is always looking for the next horizon. If we were a smaller nation, we would be world travelers. As it is, Americans easily travel large distances for business or pleasure internally. A plurality of us move from our current hometowns to new hometowns at least once in our lives. with the ruler in the Seventh, alliances with other countries tend to influence the way we look at the world. Sometimes we may rely on their ideas too much for our own good or rely on their good natured approach to us a bit too much. Sagittarius also indicates that people's first impressions of us is that this is a nation of restless travelers, people eternally on a quest of some kind, with the goal always a bit ahead of us. We also come across as a bit religious in a social sense (churches serve as places to make friends, alliances, and marriages), rather than solitary mystics.

The Technical Stuff

Sagittarius (ruler in Cancer in the Seventh)

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