The American Ninth House

Leo is about self-awareness and becoming and individual. Doesn't this fit American religion to a tee? From New Thought to mall Yoga, to the megachurches that have a group for every need, religion here is half-selfdevelopment, half therapy. Tehre's also the other part of Leo-dominance. We have had a plethora of strong religious peronalities such as Mary Baker Eddy and Religious Science, and megachurch pastors with their own tv empires. Since there's no official religion here, everybody with a spiritual impulse is free to start their own whatever and get people to join it.

In the other part of the Ninth House, higher education provides self-development, entertainment, and some social status-all Leo. And speaking of show business, American religion has been the feeder for American Show Business, and sometimes not even a feeder. Where else can you find gospel musicians who have an entertainment career without being associated with any church? The traveling musical groups on a circuit of churches. The gospel-to-soul, the country church to country music feeder has benefited both sides. Sometimes even the same songs both religious and secular have made it to the charts. Ex: "O Happy Day", "Godspell" "Jesus Christ Superstar"

As for foreign relations: we tend to be pretty flashy, pretty showy, and pretty exploitative, as well.

The Technical Stuff

Leo (ruler Sun in Cancer in the Eighth) Neptune in Virgo here

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