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Following what's going on astrologically with Trump and US. Expect a bumpy ride under an ADD Gemini. Stephanie was right-it's the tennis ball machine. The answer is to focus, learn and watch..

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By CarolDuhart2

Well, a bit about me. How did I get here, and what do I know? Looking back, I may have always had an interest in the stars. I enjoyed watching the space flights, trips to the planetarium (even though it would make me sleepy due to the dark and the skies), and those little daily horoscopes. Being the late 60's, astrology was everywhere, from the black-light posters to Linda Goodman to the American Astrology silver cover magazines. I indulged my interest by buying the monthly Dell booklets at the checkout stand, and feeling guilty about it. (I was raised Baptist)

When I was about 20, I was introduced to an astrology group at a bookstore called Aquarius (named after the owner's Sun Sign). I finally got a real chart done, found out that it worked, and then taught myself how to do charts. I also taught other people how to do charts for the next 20 years, until the group I was with broke up due to my mentor's death and the growing influence of the internet.

Morgan Williams, a former minister with a deep philosophical perspective, handled an equally informative workshop in Cincinnati where he laid out a program of self-instruction for those wanting to learn. The serious psychological grounding and intuitive insight of both these men could cause many a skeptic to take a fresh look at the value of astrology. This was the group I learned from, and made lasting friends from. It was not a formal class, but one where people shared what they knew and was willing to learn what they didn't know

When we outgrew the bookshop, and wanted to meet at a more convenient time (Saturday mornings), we moved to several different places-people's houses until we wore out our welcome, Fast Food places until folks began to objects, and next before the last place (a community center). The ideas were accessibility and freedom. No fundraising for rental or worrying about organizational politics, so we were able to keep things free.

We also had a radio show every Sunday for about 15 years. Unfortunately, this was before podcasting, so I doubt anyone has any copies of our show. But we took phone calls, had a weekly prediction regarding politics, spoke about esoteric astrology, and even had some classical music from time to time. And every Sunday, I would go down and answer questions with everyone else.

The show, hosted on WAIF Radio ran from 1978 to approximately 1992, when we lost our time slot (10-12 am Sunday Morning). While we were not the first ever, I believe we were the first and only radio show in our area dedicated to Astrology as applied to politics and daily living. People liked what we did-but we were pretty limited in what we could do to keep going. When I think of what's available now-Kickstarter, podcasting, websites and so much more-I could almost cry. We would have had a website so that people could contact us at their convenience, certainly a Facebook page, podcasts and paypal for donations. We were just too early-and Bill died too soon-to create something where we could keep going regardless of time slots, outside employment, and other personal details. Indeed, we could have had our own broadcasting enterprise and included more of the talents we would encounter at our meetings. Alas, it was not to be.

But such things were incompatible with my working nights, Bill's illness, and the change in location of our Tuesday night meeting. So everything ended. Then came the internet, which has put me in touch with a wider group than ever before, but pretty much ended my outside activity.

Since then, most of my activity has been online. Exigencies have pretty made it difficult to do charts the old way-by meeting clients in person, and having meetings every week. This is not my only place (you can find me at Starlight News as a commenter), but that's pretty much it on the astrological side of things. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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The Future Is Already Here

02)Future Shock and the Future

Whether or not we realize it, we are already living in the future. For one thing, now was once the "future".

As a reader of Alvin Toffler, technology shapes society more than the things we take more notice of-politics, religion, even mass movements.

I've read all three books(Future Shock,The Third /Wave, and Powershift , and one thing he talks about is technoloigcal advance is often greater than our institutions can absorb. The fact leads to backlash, and a desire for a "strong leader". But even the strongest leader cannot revoke the future. Kings could not stop the industrial revolution that weakened the power of the landed gentry and made it possible for peasants to leave toward better conditions. Those peasants emigrated to the United States, Canada, and anywhere people could find better conditions. Instead of toiling endlessly in isolation and low wages, they moved to the city where they could make more and have more friends and personal freedom and political power. Those folks moved and didn't come back except as visitors. That was the Second Wave. The Third Wave is computers. While computers make it possible to work remotely, it also accellerates automation, which makes it even less likely that people would come back. Automated factories aren't going to locate in places where skilled workers are few and where transportation is slow and uneven.Computers make it easier to live in the city and make jobs gravitate towards urban living, stripping the rural areas of population and jobs. No amount of "MAGA" is going to make Rural America vital again for businesses that require an educated workforce and computers. T

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. A favorite quote from Hillary

This quote was taken from the internet, but it is apparently a Methodist approach to being Christian. Do good, be good-that pretty much sums it up, regardless of specific theology.

As Above, So Below is another. What I find always interesting is seeing the pattern in the stars that correlate with what is happening below. Now it doesn't mean that things happen the way we expect-energies don't work that way. But they do correlate. The eternal question about free will is-yes. People can decide what to do and when to do it. Our lives do matter Our decisions do matter. The basic energies are there, but the details are up to us.

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