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I have finally created something here like what I went to back then long time ago in the 2-bus taking, cold-commuting eighties: a hub, a coffeehouse, a lounge! Back in the 1970's-1980's I was part of a traveling astrology class/meeting. We were without funds, so we would meet in various places around town. A lot of times we met in restaurants, parks, somebody's house. One time we met in an apartment basement! We also had a radio show on Sundays, so I was one of the hosts as well. (Sorry, no tapes left-we were pretty poor back then, and nobody knew anything about podcasts-come to think about it, while I was familiar with computers-I hadn't heard of the internet either). The show's focus was on current events seen through the eyes of astrology. (Do you know that current events follow the Sun Signs?)

While this site is pretty much astrology, there are blogs dealing with politics and music on the sidebar. I also have a few forums at the Townsquare as well, for more extended discussion. So lots of discussion-without the cold coffee and the moving from place to place anymore. So pull up a chair and become more than a guest.

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